Uberpong. What a story!



It was the end of the workday on a cool Friday in October in London, England. David Lowe and his opponent were locked in an epic ping pong battle. The score was 20-20 in a best-of-21 game. The winner would have bragging rights and the loser would have to wait until Monday to attempt to redeem himself with a rematch.

This was the atmosphere almost every day at the small tech startup in London where David and his opponent worked. Through the game of ping pong, the employees became sharper, more competitive and befriended each other. They became a dynamic team that worked well together and fostered a competitive and productive work environment. Through this experience, David noticed that everyone there had a unique personality and style, but neither was reflected in the game.

David moved to Austin, Texas and created Uberpong™ – a company that would bring style and customization to table tennis and change the face of the game. He also realized that a social ping pong movement could improve society in the same way it has in England, China, Germany, the Philippines and his workplace. Until Uberpong™, the words, “cool paddle” had probably never been uttered. But now, with personalized, stylish paddles, everyone can have a ping pong personality.

“I quickly realized that the game was missing something,” said David Lowe, CEO and Founder of Uberpong™. “As the second most played sport in the world, ping pong had so little aesthetic appeal. In fact, it’s one of the few sports that doesn’t offer a way to personalize equipment. It had to change—and Uberpong™ is that change.”

Uberpong™ launched in November 2012 after a successful Kickstarter campaign and has since garnered recognition from various business news and lifestyle publications and been featured on nationwide TV. In addition, Uberpong™ has worked with several companies – including the world’s biggest brands – to design and deliver custom ping pong paddles for special events, corporate gifts, rewards & recognition, and employee engagement efforts.

“Your Uberpong paddle is your key to the next phase of our social ping pong movement, so hang on to it tight. You never know what doors it will open… ”

- David Lowe

 more on www.uberpong.com

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