Embracing courage in the face of the unexpected. 

This is an account of how ping pong has positively changed my creative life. This small, light, apparently inconsequential ping-pong ball has revealed so much; the most simple ideas are accessible to all, and are the most fertile ones. They need cultivating by way of experiential situations; this is the most valuable currency. I choose projects that reward me with pleasure and allow me to negotiate passion, enthusiasm and time more than money. This is an egoless culture, where peer to peer partnerships are more bountiful.

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Kinetic Creativity. Team building and personal coaching.

This is Kinetic Creativity. The type that can illuminate the next, best, ideas. The type that will allow you to emerge from your protective, creative shell.  From this you will find the courage to respond to whatever input comes your way. Any ball is an
Keep your eye on the ball, master your courage, adapt your intention, you can respond with beauty, technology, grit or originality. What’s important is that you make it count.

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